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What functions are implemented in the Orderman interface

View table lines & select table + show list
Close table & select table
Transfer table & select table + select new table number
Split table & select table + do something
Log on & enter code
Log off & show log on screen
Retour from table & select table + do something
Sale on ticket & select table + select products + payment type
Sale on table & select table + select product
Payment & select bill + payment type

How to print a menucard

Open the DonMenuCardDesigner and select the desired layout.
Feed a sheet of A5 menucard paper with the opaque side towards the printer. 
Select File&Print and wait for the result.
A black background makes the cutting guides hard to find.

How to print a A5 menucard

Open the DonMenuCardDesigner and select the desired layout.
Open File&Print Setup and choose landscape and A5 paper size, click “Print”
Insert a sheet of menucard paper in the printer (small side first)
Select File&Print and wait for the result

How to enter Calibrartion en setup mode

When the orderman is switched off press the touch screen and the on/off button until “calibration” appears, release the touchscreen and the on/off button. Perform a calibration now of press again on/off to enter the setup menu

How to enter Setup/upload mode

First get the orderman terminal in the normal setup mode then press the “Don” key followed by the on/off button.

How to download a menucard permanently in the orderman

Use the DonMenuCardDesigner to upload the menucard, place the orderman in setup/upload mode before uploading the menucard.

How to setup a PC for Orderman

Serial cable PC/Base station

The Base station (antenna) is connected to PC over a serial connection. 

From the base station an RJ11 connector at the left hand side of the base station is the RS232 signal. An cable with RJ11 connectors at both sides form the connection to the PC.

At the PC side the RJ11 connector needs to be transformed to a DB9 connector.

With the actual supply of DB9/RJ11 converters we have the following colour scheme :

RJ11 Colour DB9
1 blue NC
2 yellow 5
3 green NC
4 red 3
5 black 2
6 white NC

Remember that pins are counted left to right looking into the connector with the clip pointing down.

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